Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Vision

To create a BIG-VISION team or enterprise, apply the below mentioned four Keys.

1. Define Growth in Qualitative, not just Quantitative Terms:-

The focus of many leaders is to grow big, fast, by expanding revenue, offices, and headcount. These “growth companies” don’t have to be sustainable, viable, or ethical. But qualitative growth is about leveraging strengths to achieve an edge.

2. To Live large, you have to have a Big Vision:-

When the numbers fail, the economy tanks, or you have a losing season, your big vision inspires you to persevere. It’s your guiding light. The lack of guiding vision is why many companies experience high turnover, and why others sputter and fail at the first setback. The vision makes enduring challenges worthwhile. It distinguishes you, providing you connect vision with action.

3. Right relationship is a big-vision craft:-

Beyond “delighting your customers”, “ retaining human capital” or “winning the war for talent”, right relationship stems from wisdom or mastery practices, and becomes a pathway for qualitative growth, competitive distinction, employee morale, and customer loyalty. You seek to improve relationships with key constituencies, and create a sense of greater meaning that helps retain and motivate people.

4. If you want to live from the source, you can’t let the well run dry:-

Inspiration is fuel; burnout is the depletion of fuel. Many people are dissatisfied with their work, distrustful of rhetoric, and looking for greater purpose, meaning, and contribution. Meaning can’t be bestowed upon you- you have to create it. Big –Vision leader’s help their people see that the way they do their work, and the actual work they do, can be done masterfully.