Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Induction Programme plays a very important role in the successful absorption of individual in any organization. This is perhaps the reason why many organizations invest significant time and energy in this process.

And a wholesome induction in my view and from my experience of having Designed, Planned and Implemented 11 Induction Programmes for 367 New Inductees from various centers at C-DAC, Pune, would consist of the following essential elements.

This is what I call a WOW EFFECT- Welcome to our World

Induction Programme
Now you have the employee you wanted. He has come and joined you. This is the time for you to consummate the alliance, to build the real relationship. Induction is the time to set out expectations and to capture critical potential indicators.

Good Induction Programme
A good induction programme is about communication. Treat the new recruit with respect and as a mature and responsible individual. Welcome him and make sure that he is comfortable. Introduce him to all relevant people individually.

Undersell the Organization
During the induction programme, its imperative to manage the inductees expectations. Undersell the organization and the presentations as professional and business like as possible. The expectations you set here will come back to haunt you later.

Lay down Organizations Expectations
Time for you to lay down organizations expectations in terms of performance, professionalism and other values you want to espouse.

Clarity on Organizations Values and Policies
Walk the inductee through every policy and rules manual, this will help him know the organization better and will not feel lost once he goes to work.

Lay down the Performance Management System
Clearly enunciate your Performance Management System. It is very critical for an employee to know what is expected out of him and what the performance parameters are.

Overall Development
Also invest in Soft Skill programmes ( preferably in-house). It gives an inductee the focus on organization’s way of doing things i.e Communication and Team Building.

Buddy Programme
Design a Buddy or Mentoring Programme ( both are different approaches) to help assimilate the new inductee into your organization smoothly.

Strategic Approach
If we look at Induction Programme from a Strategic Perspective as opposed to a Procedural Objective, we would agree on the following:
· It is the first impression that the EMPLOYEE will get of the organization.
· It is the first opportunity for the ORGANIZATION to make a clear undiluted Communication.
· Induction Programme is CRITICAL to an employee identifying with the organization.
· An effective induction will facilitate HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY.
· And Achievement of the above shall automatically ensure higher/ lower EMPLOYEE
RETENTION with the organization.

Elements for Designing a Wholesome Induction Programme

Profile of the Inductee

The typical profile of an inductee would be

Comes from a different sized organization.

Orientation to a different culture.

Different Value System.

Different Quality Processes.

Concern if his experience and learning would be utilized.

Concern on his career progression.

Need for Information.

Objective of the Induction Programme
Familiarize the Inductee to the Organization, Team.

Educate the Inductee to Environment, Values, Vision, Mission, Quality Processes and Culture.

Integrate the inductee to the organization.

Provide comfort and manage his anxieties.

Provide information on all policies and procedures.

Provide information on performance culture and Expectation Management.

Strategic People Objectives of the Organization
Induction helps in the Retention Strategy (3 years or 30 years), manages anxiety, manages expectations, educates on processes, values and ethos, ensures seamless integration with the Organizations culture and environment.

Induction Module
Company Information- Corporate Presentation, Unit/ Branch Information.

Vision Statements- Our Commitment to Growth.

Mission Statements- How did we arrive at the Mission Statement, the reason behind it.

Exemplify and explain. Helps in IDENTIFYING with the same.

Values- what are our values and how do we fearlessly stand up for the same.

Policies and Procedures- HR Policies, Admin Policies etc have a presentation. Induction manual is generally not read nor understood by upto 70-80% of the Inductees.

Processes- What is quality to us ? what are basic quality concepts? What are he various project management tools inductees would require to use, work flow.

Performance Management System- How it works and what are the KPA’s, what is the career progression opportunities and what does it take to achieve.

Environment and Cultural Sensitization.

Team Introduction- Personal introduction to all relevant people in the team.

Sources of Information- Internet and Intranet, key people etc. Internet and e-mail policies.

Buddy Programme- Identify and Allocate a Buddy/Mentor to the inductee to facilitate smooth integration.

Soft Skills- Identify 2/3 soft skills critical to the business and do workshops to create experiential learning opportunity.

Feedback and Measure
We have through the Induction Programme laid down the organization’s expectations and the way of life to the Inductees, time to capture his assimilation ( through Quiz). To measure the efficacy of Induction, his feedback on how it could be better or what else he needed to know or be explained. This can be done through Quizzes, Structured Feedback forms, Informal Interviews, tracking him over a period of time.

Controlling and Improving
Inputs thus received should documented and used to make improvements in the programme, to the extent feasible.